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free virtual international conference for all healthcare workers and students

QISW FREE Virtual Conference, Saturday 26th of September 2020.
For ALL healthcare workers and students.

QISW September 2020: Welcome

Link to conference stream

QISW September 2020: Text


QISW September 2020: Welcome

Conference Programme

9:30 AM


10:00 AM

Welcome & Introduction by Ms Anne Pullyblank

10:05 AM

Keynote Speaker:
Simon Sinek

10:25 AM

Introduction 2 by Dr Chris Turner


Keynote Speaker:
Dr James Mountford


Morning Yoga with the amazing Natasha Cornish


Oral Presentations




Poster Presentations in Breakout Rooms


Fatigue Buster with Jamaica Rugby Team no.13 and Personal Trainer Lucas Roy-Smith

Introduction 3 by Eamonn Sullivan


Keynote Speakers:
Dr. Rachel Pilling
Mr. Dan Wadsworth


Workshops Introduction 4 by the North Bristol QI Team


Breakout for Workshops 

Stay in Main room

Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Amar Shah


Mindfullness Session with the incredible Yasmin Gregory of at1.Space

Introduction 5 with Joanna Moore 


Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Emma Redfern


Introduction 6 with Paula McGowan


Keynote Speaker:
Nadine Montgomery


Prize Giving and Closing remarks

QISW September 2020: Schedule
QISW September 2020: Pro Gallery
QISW September 2020: Image


WhatsApp Image 2020-01-18 at 08.57.13 (1

Presenter: Miss Anne Pullyblank

Medical Director, West of England AHSN


Keynote: Simon Sinek

International best-selling author on leadership

QISW September 2020: Speakers



Dr Chris Turner

TED Speaker. Trauma Centre Emergency Department Consultant. Founder of Civility Saves Lives

James Mountford smiling B&W.jpg

Dr James Mountford

Director of National Improvement Strategy and London Nightingale Chief of Quality and Learning

QISW September 2020: Speakers

Successful Project

Joanna Moore.png

Ms Joanna Moore

Quality Improvement Lead at Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.


Dr Emma Redfern

Creator of the Emergency Department Checklist


Dr Amar Shah

Chief Quality Officer at East London NHS Foundation Trust.

QISW September 2020: Speakers

Refresh Sessions

15 minutes of celebrity fitness and wellbeing

new starks headshot teeth.jpg
Screenshot 2020-09-18 at 19.56.27.png


NatashCornish Yoga

Lucas Roy-Smith

LRS Training
International rugby 7s player



QISW September 2020: Speakers



Eamonn Sullivan

London Nightingale Nursing Director,  Royal Marsden Hospital Nursing Director and Army Reservist


Dr Rachel Pilling & Dan Wadsworth

Ted X NHS:
15 seconds 30 minutes

QISW September 2020: Speakers

Patient Experience


Paula McGowan

Mother of Oliver McGowan, who's untimely death resulted in mandatory disability training for all NHS staff


Nadine Montgomery

Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board

QISW September 2020: Speakers

Conference Committee

QISW September 2020: Speakers

Michael Okocha

Creator and Programme Chair

General Surgery SpR, Severn Deanery. Creator and Chair of QISW (Jan and Sept 2020). West of England AHSN Patient Safety Champion 2020. Lover of all things QI and Trauma. Member of the Academy of Medical Educators.


Naim Slim

Operations Chair

General Surgery registrar in the Severn Deanery. Qualified from St. George's Hospital Medical School and undertook a Masters in Surgical Innovation at Imperial College London. Second round on the QISW committee!


Deepika Bhojwani

Co-Lead Organiser

Deepika is starting core surgical training at Addenbrooke’s this August. She attended the previous QISW conference as an F2 in Bristol and is very excited to be part of the committee for September. She looks forward to meeting you all (virtually!) and learning more about the quality improvement projects that are taking place across the country.

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-02 at

Ealaff Shakweh

Co-Lead Organiser

Ealaff graduated from the University of Exeter in 2019 with a BMBS and an MSc in research. At present, she is a North West London foundation trainee who is pursuing a career in bariatric surgery, but she is also committed to optimising care through quality improvement.

Image from iOS (2).jpg

Sebastian Priest

Finance Chair

Sebastian is currently a fourth year medical student at the University of Bristol, having previously achieved an intercalated degree in Clinical Sciences. He has completed placements at Southmead Hospital and Musgrove Park in Taunton. The QISW conference marks his first involvement with quality improvement, something which he hopes to pursue in future.


Caitlin Jordan

Workshops Lead

General Surgical CT2, Severn Deanery. Qualified from University of Southampton and passionate about teaching, having taken her Postgraduate Certificate Of Medical Education at the University of Bristol. Caitlin gave an oral presentation at QISW in 2017 and is excited to be back, this time on the committee, organising the workshops.

Picture for bio.jpg

Natasha Alford

Abstract Submissions Support Lead

Natasha is a 3rd year medical student at the University of Bristol. She presented an QI project on Implementing and Improving Digital Microbiology Requests at NBT at the previous QISW Winter Conference in 2020.


Max Shah

Media Lead

Max is a third-year medical-student at Bristol University. He has attended the National Research and Innovation in Orthopaedics Conference, worked on collaborative projects such as STARSurg, and GlobalSurg3, and is currently on the committees for Bristol Orthosoc and Bristol Sports and Exercise Medicine Society.

Image from iOS (4).jpg

Nick Rees

Publicity Lead

Nick is a third year Bristol medical student who is keen to pursue a surgical career path having particular interests in ophthalmology and plastics. He was fortunate enough to win the award for the best healthcare cost saving initiative at QISW winter conference for working alongside staff colleagues on an operation set coding audit.


Aimee Wilkinson

Attendee Support Lead

Aimee is a fourth-year medical student at Bristol Medical School. She obtained an intercalated degree in Surgery and Anaesthesia from Imperial College London in 2019 and has a strong research interest in neuroergonomics and neuromodulation technologies within a surgical setting.

Laura Saia.jpeg

Laura Saia

Steering Committee Co-Lead

Laura was previously a practicing solicitor and is now a core psychiatry trainee in Severn deanery, with a particular interest in maternal mental health.
She was the keynote speaker lead for the QISW winter conference and is now the steering committee co-lead.

Image from iOS (3).jpg

Niamh Mackdermott

Steering Committee Co-Lead

Niamh is a 3rd year medical student currently studying at Bristol. She is going to intercalate at Imperial College London  in Reproductive and Developmental Sciences this year. Niamh has completed placements at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton and Southmead, Bristol. This is the first time she has been involved with Quality Improvement yet she is excited to be part of this conference and to implement what she learns from the QISW in future projects.


Hannah Bonnett

Steering Committee Co-Lead

Hannah is a junior doctor working as a Clinical Transformation Specialist within health informatics for NBT.  She completed her foundation training in Severn and previously she was a senior NHS podiatrist in London

smiley headshot.jpeg

Emma Gull

Keynote Speakers Support

Emma is currently a 4th year medical student in Bristol and is the keynote speakers lead for QISW2020. Special interests include transplant, EM, and trauma surgery, so currently very broad and enjoying the ride! This is her first official foray into QI but definitely won't be the last


Sophie McDonald

Attendee Support & Certification

Sophie is currently a clinical fellow in the trauma and orthopaedic department at Southmead hospital and is planning to apply for core surgical training this year. Sophie joins the Qisw junior committee after winning a prize at the winter conference earlier in the year.


Francesca Wright

Publicity & Attendee Support

Frankie is going into her 4th year as a medical student at Bristol, having previously intercalated in Global Health. This is her first time of being part of QISW and she is excited to be a committee member. She cannot wait to learn about the innovative Quality Improvement projects taking place!

Image from iOS (5).jpg

Alexander Collingwood

Publicity Team

F2 in the Severn Deanery. Qualified from Keele University. First time on the QISW committee and excited to be involved in a QI conference.


Fatima Camp

Publicity Team

3rd Year Medical Student at Bristol University


Lelyn Osei Atiemo

Publicity Team

My name is Lelyn, current 4th Year Medical Student at the University of Bristol. I also intercalated at Bristol in Functional and Clinical Anatomy. I am new to the QI world, but it is something which I find fascinating and excited to be a part of.

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-16 at

Keng Siang

Publicity Team

Keng Siang is an intercalating Bristol medical student who is keen to pursue a surgical career path having particular interests in Neurosurgery. He has also recently been appointed the Severn Regional Ambassador for the Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT)


Dinushika Weerasinghe


Dinushika is currently a final year medical student at the University of Bristol, having previously graduated with a BSc in Biomedical Sciences. This is the first time she has been involved in Quality Improvement but is excited to be part of the team!


Steering Committee

QISW September 2020: Speakers
Andrea Gibbons.jfif

Andrea Gibbons

QI coach & researcher, Somerset FT

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