Hannah Cook

Programme Chair

F2 in Severn Deanery. Loves all things surgery & medical education. Passionate about Quorn sausages.

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Anna Politis

Vice Chair

F2 Gloucestershire Trust, Severn Deanery. An advocate for positive change in the workplace, makes a mean tzatziki.

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Miguel Fenech

Sponsorship & Finance Lead

F2, Musgrove Park Hospital, Severn Deanery. Interested in a career in medicine, love a good beach trip!

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Charlotte Cadge

Workshop Lead

F2 at Musgrove Park, Severn Deanery. Interested in a career in Medicine. Looking forward to a year in sunny Australia

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Tim Richards

Keynote Speaker Lead

CT1 ACCS Anaesthetics Musgrove Park Hospital, interested in Intensive Care Medicine, physiology and Ultrasound. Love being out on my bike and running trails.

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Rui Wei

Keynote Speaker Lead

CT2 in General Surgery, Severn Deanery. Working on a career in Colorectal Surgery. Lover of all things food related.

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James Shuttleworth

Abstracts Lead

F2, Musgrove Park Hospital, Severn Deanery. Interested in a surgical / interventional career, passionate about sport and airfix.

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Kate Mansfield

Participant and Attendee Lead

F2 Musgrove Park, Severn Deanery. Interested in a career in Medicine. Would love work all over the world.

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Khyzer Chaudhary

Judging Lead

A senior GPST1 that dabbled in medicine once upon a time. Severn Deanery. Sustained by a propriety blend of sarcasm and ice tea. Ambition in leadership and teaching.

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Anita Patel

Social Media Lead

F2 in University Hospital Bristol and Weston, Severn Deanery. Interests include  quality improvement, paediatrics and befriending all dogs.

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Jess Hatrick

Social Media Lead

F2 Weston General Hospital. Interested in a career in General Practice and Women's Health. Keen watercolour painter!

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Cary Tang

Publicity Lead

F1 Musgrove Park, Severn Deanery. Interested in interventional radiology and global health, but would happily be a part time baker!

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Alex Collingwood

Publicity Team

F2 RUH Bath, interested in a career in surgery. Rugby fan and an average golfer.

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Ben Morris


F2 Musgrove Park Hospital. Interested in all things Medicine, improvement and healthcare leadership. Recreational tuba player.


Michael Okocha

Creator & Past Conference Chair (January & April 2020)

General Surgery SpR, Severn Deanery. West of England AHSN Patient Safety Champion 2020. Lover of all things QI and Trauma. Member of the Academy of Medical Educators.