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Lydia Mann

Programme Chair

SHO in Gloucestershire Trust and am passionate about Surgery and also Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine. When I'm not at work, you'll find me in the gym or somewhere outdoors!

Paris Bruno

Vice Chair

SHO in General Surgery, Gloucestershire Trust. Aspiring surgeon and passionate about medical education. Obsessed with my puppy poodle.


Chris KY Chan

Sponsorship & Finance Lead

ENT JCF at Gloucestershire Trust. Part time ENT trainee, full time escape room enthusiast. Talk to me about dogs.

Harriet Louden

Keynote Speaker Lead

From August: F2 Southmead, Severn Deanery. I'm enthusiastic about surgery and trying to improve access to learning opportunities.


Zoe Pringle

Keynote Speaker Lead

F1 Gloucestershire Trust, Severn Deanery. Hoping to pursue a career in surgery, interested in medical education. Can most often be found cycling around the UK pretending to be Mark Beaumont.

Helen Crowley

Quick-fire Lecture Lead

F1 Gloucestershire Trust, Severn Deanery. Interested in medical education and general practice. Love yoga and being outdoors.


Lina Alim

Quick-fire Lecture Lead

F2 Gloucestershire Trust, Severn Deanery. Passionate about surgery, leadership in medicine, equality and bridging the attainment gap. Part time tea drinker, full time coffee smell lover.

Omar Ghandour

Abstracts Lead

F1 doctor, Severn deanery currently keen on pursuing a career in surgery. I'm interested in QI and research - particularly in the context of technology and innovation. Outside of medicine I enjoy painting, martial arts, and spending time with my family.


Carys Gilbert

Judging Lead

F2 in Gloucestershire trust, Severn Deanery. Interested in medical education and human factors. I love crafts and going paddleboarding.

Niamh McSwiney

Judging lead

F2 in Bath, Severn Deanery. Pursuing a career in Medicine, whilst soon to be fulfilling the travelling dream in Australia.


Joyce Lui

Social Media Lead

From August: F3 in ITU, Bristol Royal Infirmary. Interested in a career within the acute specialities. Massive foodie!

Rhi Preece

Social Media Lead

F1, Severn Deanery. Interested in anaesthetics and general practice. Happiest on the beach (preferably with dogs included!)

Rhi Preece_edited.jpg

Alice Middleton

Communications & Publicity Lead

Teaching Fellow in Gloucestershire, long term career plans in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Passionate about teaching (and rugby!) in the meantime.

Molly Jones

Communications & Publicity Lead

F1 Gloucestershire Trust, Severn Deanery. Interests include obstetrics and gynaecology , quality improvement and gluten free cakes.


Flora Matthews


F1 Gloucestershire Trust, Severn Deanery. Interested in a career in anaesthetics. Passionate about all things horse related.

Hannah Cook

Past Conference Chair

Current F3 in Gold Coast Australia, returning soon to start CST. Loves all things surgery & medical education. Passionate about Quorn sausages.


Michael Okocha

Creator & Past Conference Chair (January & April 2020 and August 2021)

General Surgery SpR, Severn Deanery. West of England AHSN Patient Safety Champion 2020. Lover of all things QI and Trauma. Member of the Academy of Medical Educators.

Committee: Speakers
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